We study the mechanism of enveloped viral entry
(particularly in HIV and Ebola) and use this information to develop inhibitors that prevent or treat infection.

We specialize in developing protease-resistant D-peptide inhibitors of viral entry. Through a collaboration with a local pharmaceutical company, Navigen, we hope to develop our D-peptide inhibitors as effective human therapeutics.

Postdoctoral Candidates

For candidates interested in postoctoral training, please email Michael Kay your CV and the contact information for three references. 

Prospective Students

Prospective students, please apply to the Bioscience Ph.D. Programs at the University of Utah. We welcome students in the Molecular Biology and Biological Chemistry programs to inquire about potential rotations in the lab.

Contact Us

Michael S. Kay Lab
University of Utah
Department of Biochemistry
15 N Medical Drive East RM 3280
Salt Lake City UT 84112-5650 USA

Lab: (801) 585-9512 

Office: (801) 585-5021